Rediscover Life's Simply Joys

A True Waterfront Community

There’s a sense of intimacy and simplicity about life at Norfleet Point that calls to mind a more innocent, idyllic time. A time when neighbors were friends, children could play outside until dark and the loudest noise at night was the squeak of a front porch swing or the gentle chirping of crickets.

Unlike most so-called waterfront communities, nearly three-quarters of the homesites at Norfleet Point are actually on the water. So you can enjoy an unobstructed view of the Pungo River as you watch a steady procession of sailboats and fishing boats, majestic yachts and tiny skiffs make their way across its placid surface.

Life Flows Gently on Pungo River

Norfleet Point is sequestered on a wooded peninsula along a 10-mile wide bend in the Pungo River, blissfully indifferent to the hurried pace of the outside world.

One Family Legacy Continues. Yours Begins.

The 87 acres that comprise Norfleet Point have been in the nurturing hands of the Norfleet family for nearly a century. Their deep and abiding love for the land has been passed down from one generation to the next. The Norfleets are quick to share memories of their lives on the water. Much of their acreage served as a farm, yielding corn, tobacco and soybeans. They even sold pecans to make a little extra money when times grew tough. Over the years, some of the younger Norfleets would leave home to make their way in the world. But they would invariably return to the fold with children of their own. They learned what you will soon discover: that the lure of life on the river and time spent with family is simply too powerful to resist.

Inspiration at the Street Level

Norfleet Point is the vision of Beacon Street Development. Over the years, we’ve earned a reputation for creating neighborhoods of distinction and integrity.